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Student Photo Annual Collaborative Exhibit, Houston, TX

Author: merary montes

Vote With A Star


SPACE 2016 Will be a curated gallery recognizing photographic excellence–Peoples Choice, Best In Show, First Place, Second Place, and Third Place. All recognized work will be featured on and photographers will receive a certificate honoring their work.

SPACE 2016 Rewards from Shane Patrick Qureshi on Vimeo.

An Interview With Someone From SPACE

If you have been wondering how SPACE began and what it was like, listen to this short interview with one of the founding people of SPACE. It’s a little insight into your future.

Peoples Choice Awards

Click on the gallery section and vote for your favorite images. Support your peers and have fun.


Get Colorful

Credit: Tess Catherine 2015

A Unique Perspective


9 days left. Jose VurseOne Ramirez entered this piece last year. Don’t underestimate the skill of a photographers ability to find the perfect perspective. Let’s see your street skills in action.
Deadline August 1st. Enter work for FREE at
Must be currently enrolled at HCC digital communications department and/or have graduated in the last year.
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A Category for Everyone

SPACE 2016 Has multiple categories to choose from. Uncertain of what category to choose? Do a little research. You can be certain of at least one thing when you enter this exhibit, you will be more knowledgable about photography. Start by checking out wiki facts about photography genre. Photo by Donna Fraizer.


There are many creative ways to tell a story. Take this image by Mary Kate Stallings, submitted in SPACE 2015 Exhibit, called Strangled by grace. Photography can stir emotion, make a statement, and cause change. Don’t underestimate your work, you never know who it will speak to. Submit to SPACE 2016 and meet people in your city doing amazing work like Mary Kate.

MK Stallings


Taken by Silvia Britton, this is one of many images from SPACE 2015. SPACE 2016 is just around the corner and we hope your excited about our 2nd Annual SPACE Event. This year we are accepting a variety of work, and diversity is a point of focus for this annual exhibit. Now is an excellent time to sort through your images and select five to submit to SPACE 2016.

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